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The world's most complete collection of cinematic coughs (and sneezes)


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About Every Movie Cough

Every Movie Cough is the world’s most complete collection of cinematic coughs (and sneezes). Since the beginning of motion pictures, filmmakers have trained their cameras at whooping, wheezing, sneezing, sniffling, hacking humans. Some of these expulsions are pivotal to the narrative. Many are purely incidental. But today, they all take on a new significance as vectors for disease. That’s why we believe now is the moment to examine them together in isolation, to see how their depictions vary across history and genre, and to understand how they’re shaped by the lens of the present.

Do you know of a cough or sneeze that should be added to our collection? Let us know.

Curated by Mike Lacher and Jason Eppink

Logo by Glenn Cochon

Subtitles for better expulsion-finding provided by OpenSubtitles

Every Movie Cough is made possible with visionary support from Museum of the Moving Image.